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    Our experience for your ship and your crew.

Ship management

SCS provides a wide range of Ship Management Services.

In partnership with ESA Group we can offer a complete service to the owner which includes the administrative and financial accounting management, crew management and tax advice in order to meet  every kind of requirements.



  • Annual budgets and financial planning and reports
  • Monthly fund requests based on known and expected expenses
  • Generating receipts for funds and disbursements of all goods and services
  • Checking invoices and generating receipts prior to payment with captains (or owners if applicable)
  • Processing wire transfers or cheques for payment of invoices
  • Payment of crew salaries
  • Arranging for cash to Master
  • Checking credit card statements

Administration & Insurance

Technical Management


  • Arranging insurance cover for the Ship and Crew
  • Administrating insurance policies and liaising with insurance brokers
  • Handling of claims relating to the Ship and Crew
  • Planning maintenance schedules
  • Appointing competent personnel to oversee the maintenance and efficiency of the vessel
  • Assisting on board engineering staff with shipyard specifications
  • Dry Docking Assistance

Crew Management

  • Crew placement
  • Verifying and renewing crew certificates of competency and licenses
  • Endorsement for third countries
  • Issue of contracts
  • Payroll
  • General crew administration, support and repatriation
  • Handling of crew medical insurance and claims
  • Advising captains on MLC requirements

Fiscal Consultancy

  • Ship Registration
  • Initial registration
  • Re-registration
  • Name changes
  • Ownership changes
  • Ownership Structure
  • Choice of best Flag and Re-flagging
  • Legal and fiscal advice concerning the Euro Area
  • Administration of paperwork related to Port and Ministerial Authorities.


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