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    Only good things come from combining passion and commitment.
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    Only good things come from combining passion and commitment.

About Us

famigia villa scs ship and crew

Carolina and Michela, daughters of Admiral Sergio Villa, have learned to love the sea and the culture of the maritime professions from their childhood. After their university studies, the two sisters started their respective careers at leading companies in the maritime cluster both in Italy than abroad.

The strong background, the passion for the shipping world and their attitude to entrepreneurship, bring Carolina and Michela to establish in 2003 the Maritime Agency SCS - Ship & Crew Services Srl, in partnership with ESA, one of the most 'important reality of manning in Italy.

Starting as sole Crewing Agency, SCS soon becomes a full maritime agency with solutions able to manage any operations for the different types of ships: oil tankers, bulk cargoes, ferries, cruises.

SCS has also developed within its expertise the yachting sector, launching a business line dedicated to this complex and dynamic sector: SCS Yachting.

Today, Ship & Crew Services is e a business partner and a professional network builder for its customers.



SCS believes in the knowledge and development of the maritime professions and, through its activities, it guides the ship and its crew offering services de Ship & Srew Services web site Shipping 2 di 2 signed and generated by a single purpose: to guarantee the highest standards of safety, ethics and professionalism to Customers and Partners.


Being a safe haven for any ship.


  • customer centrality: understand, guide and protect the client’ interests,
  • passion: love what you do to do it better,
  • support for professional growth: professionalism and knowledge as the cornerstone of any activity
  • integrity: always acting in respect of people, work and the environment,
  • continuos renewal: having the ability to change track when necessary,
  • respect of tradition
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